*US patents list only*


US07325352 Accessory devices for firearms

US07332682 Switches for Electrical Accessories

US07334915 Searchlight Grip

US07334365 Accessory Mount for a Firearms

US07344270 Flashlight with Incrementing Brightness Selector Switch

US07360914 Handheld Tactical Devices

USD0572854 Flashlight Body Portion

US07438430 Light Beam Generator Apparatus

US07441918 Switches for Electrical Accessories

USD0578688 Flashlight Body Portion

US07517109 Flashlight with rotary head brightness control & detachable...

US07549763 Clothing attachable light

US07549765 Flashlight with multistage switch and ARC lamp operation sensor

US07562484 Clamp mount

US07591098 Accessory devices for firearms

USD0605799 Flashlight

USD0606687 Flashlight

USD0615680 Lighting Device

US07669359 Machine Gun Accessory Mount Adaptor

US07677755 Variable Orientation Appliance Mount

US07722205 Headgear light

US08148912 Lighting device with staggered light sources responsive...

USD0605798 Flashlight

USD0606219 Flashlight

USD0606220 Flashlight

USD0606686 Flashlight

USD0619284 Flashlight head having a recessed portion

USD0624223 Flashlight head having a recessed portion

USD0624675 Lighting device

USD0624676 Lighting device

USD0624678 Lighting device with clip

USD0635703 Body portion of a flashlight

USD0635704 Body portion of a flashlight

USD0635705 Body portion of a flashlight